How Pornography Causes Relationship Problems

While it’s now almost considered normal to view pornography regularly, many people don’t realize the effect this can have on them. They may not notice physical changes, but there are definitely psychological changes taking place. 

The most obvious problem is how addictive it can be. It provides instant gratification in a way few other things can, and at the same time, it warps the person’s idea of attraction and desire. People who have used pornography for years start to develop very specialized desires and attractions. They may no longer be attracted to their partner, and may only be able to experience sexual stimulation through very specific pornographic representations.

This changes the whole dynamic of the relationship, because sexual attraction plays a major role in how successful the relationship is, especially in the earlier years.

Looking at pornography is also incredibly selfish, and by cultivating that experience and engaging in it more and more, the user can develop a very selfish disposition. They may find it hard to empathize with other people or to care about the needs of their partner. 

Any man who uses porn often and who suffers from relationship problems needs to take a long, hard look at what they are doing to themself and their partner. They have to decide which is more important to them- the porn or the partner. One is going to supersede the other, and until they kick porn out of their life completely, it’s going to cause relationship problems for them. 

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